Zerodor is a fragrance free odour eliminator.

Zerodor targets:

fishing smells

pet odours

and household odours.

Zerodor does not mask odours. Zerodor eliminates odour.

Zerodor contains natural plant extracts and gives nature a helping hand to decompose odour, waste and pollutants.

Treats all odours

Accelerates composting

Cleans and protects houseplants

Septic tank hot-shot

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Spray Zerodor into the air, or directly onto surfaces, hands, feet, rubbish bins, etc. Safe for use directly on pets, bedding, kennels, litter boxes, cages etc.


Septic tanks:

Add 30ml of Zerodor as a hot shot.

Add 10ml per day to maintain the system.




Accelerate composting and mitigate odours by spraying or mixing

in 10ml of Zerodor as needed.


House plants:

Spray with Zerodor then hose off or wipe with a wet cloth.

To maintain healthy, clean plants mist once a week with Zerodor.


Deodorise fabric:


Great for smelly fishing clothes!

Add 30ml of Zerodor to the final rinse, or soak

fabrics in 30ml of Zerodor to 10 litres of

water overnight before washing.