What is Ecozest?

Ecozest is a new generation product that mitigates environmental problems and reduces the costs associated with the management of organic waste and environmental compliance.

Ecozest will enable you to leapfrog compliance into sustainability.Ecozest works fast and the return on investment is almost immediate.

Turn your waste into valuable resources.

Ecozest works by giving nature a hand up.


How Does Ecozest Work?


Ecozest is made from specially formulated plant extracts.  Ecozest attaches to the allosteric or “switch” site on bacterial proteins.   This bond has the dual effect of protecting the switch site from being contaminated by debilitating toxins as well as boosting the purifying action of the bacteria.  The dual effect helps the bacteria to function to their full potential in intense environments such as treatment ponds and quickly break pollutants down.

Ecozest increases the catabolic activity of natural (innate) autotrophic bacteria and increases the digestion of organic matter without increasing bacterial biomass or, in wastewater treatment plants, secondary sludge.

Application Opportunities

• Odour mitigation/elimination - air pollution management.

• Wastewater treatment systems - increases performance, mitigates odour, lowers BOD, reduces sludge, and increases treatment temperature.

• Holding ponds - mitigates odour, enhances settling.

• Polluted ponds and lakes - reduces algae bloom and enhances settling.

• Contaminated soil - bioremediation of oil and pesticide contaminated soil.

• Cleans grease, grime and eliminates surface dust.

• Composting - speeds up humus formation, eliminates pathogens and bioremediates heavy metal and toxic organic chemicals.

• Cogeneration - increases and sustains biogas production.


Commercially proven technology.

Increase your profits while protecting and healing the environment.  Ecozest cleans the air, the earth and water.

We have developed and validated appropriate formulations and various application technologies.

All our claims are backed by comprehensive scientific tests and commercial case studies.

Our products are manufactured under stringent process control protocols and therefore deliver consistent potency and efficacy.

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What Can Ecozest Do For You?

Ecozest gives you a commercial and environmental advantage.

Ecozest is an example of the science of biomimicry where nature's own processes are imitated.  Ecozest saves time and energy and reduces waste.  Using Ecozest improves the environment while increasing profits.

• Reduction of biomass in waste treatment systems by 50% to 80%.

• Increase biological nutrient removal by 40% to 50%

• Reduce Biological Oxygen Demand level. For example, in a  mill in Malaysia, the use of Ecozest reduced BOD and enabled the mill to finally achieve compliance with Malaysian standards.

• Reduce H2S levels (odour is an indicator of process failure) in fresh sludge from wastewater treatment systems by 75% (33% reduction in aged sludge).

• Increase biogas production in bioreactors by over 37%

• Increase the rate of reaction in composting systems – In our tests Ecozest increased the activity of thermophilic bacteria, increased the process temperature and resulted in a 4x increase in the rate of reaction.  The composting process was completed faster - in 3 weeks instead of the normal 16 weeks.