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Review of Naturezest by National Radio Talkback

Host and Newspaper Columnist: Mary Robertson


In November I began the trial in my vegetable garden. Into a cheap trigger spray pack I put in 5 litres of water

and added 50mls of the product. After a vigorous shake I was ready to spray the foliage of the lucky plants. My trial included Tomatoes, Silver Beet, Parsley, Peppers, Zuchinnis and Eggplants. All were freshly planted out seedlings. I marked the plants that weren’t included in the trial but needn’t have as it was obvious within a week which plants were growing more robustly. When the four week trial was completed and my trial bottle was empty I couldn’t wait to get my hands on more product so all of the garden could be sprayed.


My veggie garden is flourishing.  I do not spray for pests and diseases and expect and usually lose a proportion of my crops to these problems. However this year the crops are prolific and clean. Once a week I lightly spray all the foliage ,from emerging seedlings to fully grown plants with Nature's Curator. It is such an easy job. I don’t dress up in protective clothing and even spray in windy conditions. I can’t wait till the tomatoes ripen to see if they taste any better. I am sure the Zucchiniis are sweeter.


Wow is all I can say as this is the product all gardeners have been waiting for.

Over the years and decades there have been many so called fertilisers and sprays marketed as “Magic” aids or cures for our gardens. But Naturezest is neither of these. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in the biological science of growing plants.

Brian Gudesen,

Superintendent,Tawa Lawn Bowls Club


Brian began spraying Naturezest in his home garden to test it on a range of plants. For over 50 years Brian and Robyn have developed an extensive garden and their love of healthy plants and Robyn’s florist talents are evident in the colour and vigour of the

whole garden.












Brian conducted a trial on Cotula Maniatoto, which is used on bowling greens

throughout the country. “I planted 4 plants into each of three pots, actually the Naturezest test pot were real runts and were planted a week after the others”

reported Brian.


After 12 weeks of regular spraying, the results are obvious. The first pot was the control, the second was treated with Nitrosol liquid blood & bone and the third had just Naturezest. “You can easily see the 3rd pot has outgrown each side and has thickened and matted up better”.










“If this product can help reduce the stress on bowling greens and speed up the recovery of patches and plugs, it could well change the way maintenance is conducted at the bowling clubs”

Julian M. Farlie, gardener


“This poor little plant did not look like an Aloe Vera plant as its leaves were all brown and drooping, it never seems to grow any larger, and it was certainly in a state of ill-health and rapid decline into compost;!! In fact it was about to be dug out and sent to the mulcher.!!!


So, if ever there was a test, this was it.!!








I followed your instructions on mixing the Naturezest and gave the Aloe Vera its fist dose; for the first 4 to 5 days nothing happened! Then all of a sudden (literally overnight), the leaves changed colour to a rich vibrant ‘green’; they started to grow upwards (not drooping), and the plant looked healthy and strong. It then started to sprout a small flower, probably to show its appreciation!!!


I continue to feed the Naturezest to the Aloe Vera about every two months and there is no doubt in my mind that

Naturezest is certainly a health food for plants!!

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