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What is Ecozest?

 Ecozest protects and enhances the function of bacteria in intense environments such as farm ponds, wastewater treatment and composting systems.  Ecozest enables faster breakdown and processing of waste, and mitigates environmental issues such as odour and sludge.

Ecozest increases the catabolic activity of natural (innate) autotrophic bacteria and increases the digestion of organic matter without increasing bacterial biomass or, in wastewater treatment plants, secondary sludge.

Application Opportunities

• Odour mitigation/elimination - air pollution management.

• Wastewater treatment systems - increases performance, mitigates odour, lowers BOD, reduces sludge, and increases treatment temperature.

• Holding ponds - mitigates odour, enhances settling.

• Polluted ponds and lakes - reduces algae bloom and enhances settling.

• Contaminated soil - bioremediation of oil and pesticide contaminated soil.

• Cleans grease, grime and eliminates surface dust.

• Composting - speeds up humus formation, eliminates pathogens and bioremediates heavy metal and toxic organic chemicals.

• Cogeneration - increases and sustains biogas production.

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