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A Sustainable Farming Solution

Biozest is scientifically proven to improve pasture growth, quality and resilience and increase milk and meat production.


Trials on dairy, sheep and beef farms have proven that Biozest treated pasture is more easily converted to valuable meat and milk instead of polluting waste products such as urea and methane.


Ruminants that feed on Biozest treated pasture excrete less urea.  Biozest will reduce Nitrate leaching, greenhouse gas production and water quality issues.


Biozest is a unique pasture spray developed in New Zealand.

Biozest has been tested and proven on New Zealand farms.











Inefficient Stock Digestive System










The Biozest System











The Challenge


Ruminants do not efficiently convert pasture into milk and meat.


Ruminants discharge damaging urea and methane.


Ruminant animals are inefficient converters of pasture protein (nitrogen) to food. Conversion of feed protein nitrogen into milk or meat is, on average, only 25% (75% is wasted as urea).

Fermentation of  pasture cellulose is slow. To efficiently convert pasture protein to milk or meat this energy release needs to be much faster. The imbalance in the energy supply system leads to waste of energy as methane.







The Opportunity


Increasing the efficiency of ruminant animals’ conversion of pasture into milk or meat will deliver higher productivity and reduce waste.


A decrease in urea excretion and methane eructation (burping) has a huge benefit in abating nitrate leaching and greenhouse gas liabilities.







Biozest - The solution


When ruminants are fed or graze Biozest treated pasture, the higher essential oils and soluble sugar content in treated pasture improves the conversion of pasture protein into meat and milk instead of urea and methane.



The Triple Bottom Line

1. Increase in milk and meat production, increased profitability per hectare

2. Reduction of urea loading and greenhouse emissions

3. Supports New Zealand's clean green image and the future of sustainable farming.



Instructions for Use


Fill sprayer tank with water. Shake Biozest container several times to reconstitute content. Add Biozest  & rinse container into tank. Agitate thoroughly before spraying. Best sprayed after pesticide application. Do not mix with pesticides or organic nutrients.













Dairy pasture: Use 1 litre of Biozest (in 50 to 500 litres of water) per hectare. Initial Treatment 2 X sprays applications close together (3 to 5 days apart)

Follow on treatment - Spray 1 X 1 Litre per hectare after grazing (3 to 5 days after grazing)


Dry Stock farm and Turf : Spray 1 X 1 Litre per hectare in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

If treating stock finishing paddocks only - use 1 X 1 Litre per hectare after grazing (3 to 5 days after grazing).





If you would like to know more about Biozest, the science or trial results, please read more here (desktop site) or Contact Us.




Biozest has been examined by MPI (ACVM) and has been approved for use on farms.  MPI has classified Biozest as exempt from registration.  Biozest is fully compliant with the ACVM Act (1997).






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