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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Naturezest made from?

Plant extracts and plant oils.



How does Naturezest  work?

By strengthening the plants immune system and activating the production of beneficial organic compounds.



Why is Naturezest  more expensive than some other fertilisers?

Because Naturezest is not a fertiliser.   Naturezest is also super-concentrated and you only need to mist the leaves of your plants so a little goes a long way - its actually very economical.


Fertilisers cannot always be absorbed by your plants and they can wash away or accumulate in the soil.  Naturezest is a new generation plant product and is called an elicitor.  Naturezest is scientifically formulated so the product is consistent and effective.  Rather than artificially supporting the plant, Naturezest helps the plant to support itself – fortifying the plant to make it more resilient so that your get the best out of your plants.  Like a home gym for plants.




Will Naturezest  burn my plants leaves like foliar fertilisers can?

No, this is called phytotoxicity and is caused when high concentrations of nutrients are applied and salts are left behind after evaporation.  Naturezest does contain small amounts of nutrients but it is not a fertiliser and will not cause phytotoxicity or leaf burn.  Naturezest is kind to your plants.



Do I need to keep pets and children away from sprayed areas?

No, it is a safe product.



After spraying how long do I have to wait before I can eat the fruit and vegetables?

You can eat them straight away.



If it rains shortly after I sprayed, do I need to spray again?

No, Naturezest switches on the plant's immune system on as soon as it hits the plants surface.



It foams a lot what can I do?

First fill the spray container then add Naturezest. Shake the container gently to mix. You don’t have to shake vigorously.



There appear to be tiny particles floating around, will it block my spray bottle?

No the particles will not block the sprayer nozzles.  Naturezest does have a shelf-life of 24 months (similar to most agricultural products).






























Do I have to clean out the spray bottle before using other sprays?

No just rinse out most of the content.


I am a vegetarian, does Naturezest  have any fish oil or meat products in it?

NO, only plant extracts. Ideal for vegetarians and biological gardeners



Is it a fermented microbial brew

No, it is an elicitor made from plant extracts.



Is it compost tea?

No, it is made from plant extracts. They are not fermented.  Compost teas, brews and other plants tonics are often formulated in a 'rough and ready' manner.  This means that the results you see can be variable and hard to predict.  Naturezest is formulated in a controlled manner which means the results are consistent and you know exactly what you're getting in the bottle.




Do I have to drench the plant with Naturezest ?

No, just enough to moisten it without making the plant dripping wet.  Remember, you're not dosing the plant with a high rate of nutrients - you're triggering a response from the plant which happens as soon as the Naturezest molecules hit the leaf.



How much does a 1 Litre container of Nature's Curator make?

100 litres of spray.  Naturezest is sold as a concentrate.  This makes it very economical and also reduces waste - imagine if you bought 100 plastic bottles of ready to use sprays!



Can I use it indoors?

Yes, but take care not to stain carpets and curtains.



Where is it made?

In Pukekohe, New Zealand.



Do I need gloves to handle the product?

Only if you have cuts and grazes.



Can I spray my lawn?

Yes, you can spray any plant, except tender seedlings



Can my children spray their garden?




Can I recycle the container?

Yes, please do!



Can I drink it?

No, it tastes awful!

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