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Naturezest is an Elicitor - What Does That Mean?

Naturezest is made up of complex molecules designed to trigger or 'elicit' a response from plants when it lands on their leaves.  Rather than adding elements to the plant's system as you would with chemical fertilisers or organic fertilisers, Naturezest  elicits a response from within the plant itself.   Naturezest  does contain nutrients but in very low concentrations compared to traditional fertilisers.


The molecules we create when we formulate Naturezest are built from proteins, fats and other components of the plant extracts in Naturezest.  In basic terms, we break the extracts down and then bring them back together in the form of molecules that will mimic the membrane of a pest or disease micro organism.


When these molecules land on your plant's leaves the plant recognizes the molecule as an attack.  As the molecule is not really a pest or disease it does no actual damage.   In response to this 'attack' your plant will produce a range of natural compounds, such as essential oils which have important functions such as attracting pollinators (increased colour and perfume), ensuring reproductive success (more flowers, bigger fruit) and reducing damage (better quality fruit and vegetables and great looking plants).




















Is Naturezest an Alternative to Fertilisers?


Fertilisers may address a deficiency in your soils but an elicitor like Naturezest triggers the whole immune system and prompts your plants to produce a wide range of bioactive molecules (such as essential oils) to give you a broad range of benefits

















Using an elicitor like Naturezest means you can avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to your garden and still get the best out of your plants.  Healthy plants will require less fertiliser and less pesticides making Naturezest an excellent option for environmentally conscious gardeners and biological gardeners.



What About Fertilisers?


Fertilisers certainly have their place in your garden.  All plants require a number of elements for healthy growth.  The main elements are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).  There are also a range of trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, boron and manganese that will help stimulate growth and prevent deficiencies.


If your soil is deficient in a particular element, for example magnesium, your plants will benefit from a fertiliser containing magnesium such as Epsom Salts.   The right kind of fertiliser, applied at the right time and at the right dose can certainly help your garden.



Fertilisers can be very beneficial to your garden if used in the right way.  But they are not the only tool to help you grow better fruit, vegetables and flowers - all round soil and plant health are just as important and you may find you need less chemical fertilisers and pesticides if your plants are healthy.





By spraying your plants regularly you keep the plant's defence system in high gear and turn on different stages of the immune system to produce the best possible results.


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