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Leading kiwifruit orchardists peer review Agrizest


Leading New Zealand kiwifruit growers describe their own experiences using Agrizest and the results they have seen: robust, healthy, glowing vines and, importantly, great fruit size and yield.

In March 2013 representatives from the Italian Kiwifruit Industry visited New Zealand to compare the effects of Psa-V on the Kiwifruit crop and the success of the products Agrizest and Biozest on Hayward, Hort16A and G3 orchards:

We visit Hayward orchards and inspect the performance kiwifruit vines infected with the plant disease Psa - where we see Agrizest treated vines compared to control, copper treated only, vines. We also visit a high performing Hayward kiwifruit block treated with Agrizest 'from birth'

The newly grafted G3 variety of kiwifruit. We visit an orchard using copper but  not  using Agrizest and another orchard using Biozest and Agrizest where growth is healthy, vigorous and strong.

Agrizest in Hort 16A Gold Kiwifruit orchards where higher orchard gate returns can be achieved with the application of Agrizest. We visit an Agrizest treated orchard achieving enviable yields of up to 22,000 trays per hectare:

"a machine that makes money"..

Trial Summary: Te Puke, Woodland Kiwi Orchard, Hayward Zespri Green


Trial results for Te Puke Woodland Kiwi Orchard, Hayward Zespri Green 2013/14 Agrizest - improved yield and OGR

Woodland Kiwi Orchard in Te Puke has used Agrizest for two years.  In the 2011/12 season, before using Agrizest, the orchard yielded 8857 trays per hectare.


In 2012/13, using Agrizest across the whole orchard, the yield was 12,047 trays per hectare - a record for this orchard and well above the industry average.


In 2013/14 a trial was carried out: the previous season's record was broken and the yield was 13,394 trays per hectare!


High kiwifruit production is not at the expense of quality and an OGR (orchard gate return) of $70,812 is expected for the treated block.



Agrizest can elicit and sustain the production of phenylpropanoids (essential oils) and has been commercially proven, in New Zealand and in Italy, to sustainably increase agricultural production, food quality and abate environmental pollution. Agrizest treatment in kiwifruit orchards has increased returns by $5000 (up to $25,000) per hectare due to payments for high yields of quality fruit.

The following product research data packs provide detailed information on the use of Agrizest and Biozest on various crops and the fantastic results achieved in:


  Apple Orchards

  Kiwifruit Orchards


  Vegetables and Floriculture



Biozest NZBio 2014 Conference Presentation : the presentation slides from the NZBio conference at which we presented the results of some of our trials in the diary, beef, sheep and goat industries.  The presentation demonstrates that when livestock graze on Biozest treated pasture, a higher percentage of pasture protein is converted into milk and meat rather than excreted as methane and urea.  The technology can increase dairy sector profits by $2 billion.  Biozest is the key to highly productive, sustainable dairying.




For wastewater treatment, composting and bioremediation.




Agrizest proudly invented in New Zealand

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Indigo's technology is unique: we have a transformational technology that can make the agriculture and horticulture industry, our company and farmers wealthy by utilising resources more efficiently without compromising safety and environmental security.


We are already helping kiwifruit growers increase orchard gate returns beyond what they achieved even before the plant disease Psa-V tore through the New Zealand and Italian kiwifruit industries.


Biozest can increase milk production by 30%.  This is transformational, revolutionary and the most exciting technological development in dairy farming since refrigeration.


Our system based approach solves a spectrum of problems via improved efficiency and delivers a positive, profitable experience for our customers.


There is an alternative to fertilisers and feed supplements - and the technology is available now.


  By flipping the paradigm of “dirty dairying” on its head and inspiring others to see that inefficient biological systems are simply underexploited opportunities, we have an exciting future ahead.



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