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Leading kiwifruit orchardists peer review Agrizest


Leading New Zealand kiwifruit growers describe their own experiences using Agrizest and the results they have seen: robust, healthy, glowing vines and, importantly, desirable fruit size and yield.

In March 2013 representatives from the Italian Kiwifruit Industry visited New Zealand to compare the effects of Psa-V on the Kiwifruit crop and the success of the products Agrizest and Biozest on Hayward, Hort16A and G3 orchards:

We visit Hayward orchards and inspect the performance kiwifruit vines infected with the plant disease Psa - where we see Agrizest treated vines compared to control, copper treated only, vines. We also visit a high performing Hayward kiwifruit block treated with Agrizest 'from birth'

The newly grafted G3 variety of kiwifruit. We visit an orchard using copper but  not  using Agrizest and another orchard using Biozest and Agrizest where growth is healthy, vigorous and strong.

Agrizest in Hort 16A Gold Kiwifruit orchards where higher orchard gate returns can be achieved with the application of Agrizest. We visit an Agrizest treated orchard achieving enviable yields of up to 22,000 trays per hectare:

"a machine that makes money"..

Trial Summary: Hayward.

Cold, frosty or wet, windy conditions can cause damage and can be conducive to PSA disease. The photographs above show how Agrizest® treated Hayward vines recovered from frost damage and, at blossom, had a full, healthy canopy. The untreated block was similarly affected by frost but was not able to fully revocer; poor canopy cover and smaller leaves are evident.


Agrizest® treatments were also applied to a frost damaged block and compared to an undamaged block (control).  In this trial the vines overcame the frost related stress and damage to produce an increased OGR ($4157 greater than the control block).


The average fruit dry matter content was 15.62% for Agrizest® treated fruit and 16.94% for the control. So, while the spring frost damaged the foliage and compromised dry matter production, the block treated with Agrizest was still able to overcome the stress and damage caused by the frost to produce a higher value crop than the block that was undamaged by frost,


Agrizest can elicit and sustain the production of phenylpropanoids (essential oils) and has been commercially proven, in New Zealand and in Italy, to sustainably increase agricultural production and quality.








The following product research data packs provide detailed information on the use of Agrizest and Biozest on various crops and the results achieved in:


 Apple Orchards

 Kiwifruit Orchards - further update due Sept 2017











For wastewater treatment, farm ponds, composting and bioremediation.


Figure 1. Comparison of frost damaged Actinidia deliciosa cv. Hayward blocks: Agrizest® treated (A) and untreated vines (B).



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