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We'd like to say thank you to all our loyal customers.  It has been a pleasure supplying you with Agrizest and we wish you a great year ahead!

Agrizest has been proven through commercial scale, independent trials and case studies to improve productivity and quality in New Zealand orchards:  producing a minimum increase in orchard gate returns of $5000 per hectare in kiwifruit.

What is Agrizest?


Agrizest is an elicitor.

Elicitors activate natural defence processes in plants.


Using an elicitor like Agrizest, which triggers the plant's own system, allows the plant to regulate its own growth, balance its own internal chemistry.  This avoids the risk of side-effects and damage and enables plants to overcome stress to produce the best fruit possible.


 Agrizest helps plants to naturally resist stress and damage while lifting productivity to deliver a substantial, sustainable increase in returns.


Agrizest does not contain hormones.  It is safe and does not cause phytotoxicity.


Agrizest has been classified by MPI (ACVM) as exempt from registration and is approved for use on all crops.


What is Agrizest made of?


Agrizest is manufactured from phytogenic extracts, fatty acids, phospholipids, plant compatible organic acids and wetting agents. Because Agrizest does not need to be registered (unlike pesticides and hormones), we are not required to put the ingredients on the label.


Agrizest is not a seaweed with added hormones or NPK fertiliser content.


In a kiwifruit trial to test the benefits of Agrizest vs a seaweed blend.  The OGR of the block treated with Agrizest was $7,000 more than the block treated with the seaweed foliar fertiliser.

How does Agrizest produce such a wide range of benefits?


Thanks to recent advances in science we now understand more about interactions within plants as well as between plants, the soil, the environment, pests and disease.


Many of the key measures of good quality fruit are regulated by a complex system

called the phenylpropanoid pathway.


Using an elicitor like Agrizest to trigger this system results in improvements across

a range of fruit quality characteristics.

For example:

•  Dry Matter (from lignin and suberin)

•  Flavour (from flavonoids)

•  Colour (from anthocyanins)

•  Resistance to damage from pests and disease (isoflanonoids)

•  Reduced rejects (coumestrol and other oils  which help plants to repair damage).

Agrizest activiates plant defence systems to reduce disease damage

MPI (ACVM) Compliance


All agricultural compounds must be classified by MPI before they can be sold.  Agrizest has been classified by MPI (ACVM) as exempt from registration since 2006.  As part of this process we have provided MPI the full formulation details.


Agrizest is (and always has been) fully compliant with the ACVM Act (1997).

Independent Testing and Peer Review


Agrizest has been tested on export crops such as apples, grapes, citrus and kiwifruit using commercial scale, scientifically designed, independently conducted split block trials for more than 10 years.


Indigo Ltd was a finalist in the PricewaterhouseCoopers New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards 2007 and, following peer review by a panel of international scientists, a nominee for the World Technology Awards 2013.  The technology has been recognised by New Zealand technology experts and international scientists.


We have proven since 2006 that Agrizest improves kiwifruit vine health and increases OGR by at least $5000 per hectare.

Kiwifruit: Will Agrizest kill PSA?


No. But it does allow you to manage PSA by bringing new grafts and varieties into production quickly and by improving the health of your plants and their resistance to damage.


The bottom line is that Agrizest is proven to increase OGR through high yields of high quality fruit.

At the same time, Agrizest reduces stress in your vines allowing them to recover from heavy cropping, produce good cane replacement and remain healthier year after year.

review of Agrizest for apples and kiwifrui

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